Harnessing the Earth's core heat, we unlock the ultimate renewable energy source—ever-present, boundlessly potent, and intrinsically clean. Our mission: to make this power universally accessible, ensuring it's safe, sustainable, scalable, and seamlessly integrated into our world. For a brighter life and a healthier planet.
Jens Bernecker, CEO

The benefits of the Open Geothermal Probe

Simple Design
Minimal Invasive
Decentral & Scalable
Swift Implementation
Pure Water as medium
Low Maintenance costs
Efficient Heating & Cooling
24/7 Green electricity – anywhere
Environmentally safe
No seismic risks – no fracking
From 200 – 5000 meters

What we do

New scientific research has confirmed that the earths’ crust contains five times more water than all oceans, rivers and lakes combined. No matter where you are, the ground below our feet is never 100% dry.

This discovery opens new possibilities for a truly decentral energy production almost everywhere.

All you need to understand is how the water saturation affects the way heat travels through the crust.
Our unique Open Geothermal Probe takes advantage of this understanding.

Conventional geothermal probes and closed loop systems work on a conductive heat transfer. Our simple vertical well design allows the water in the system to interact with the saturation in the surrounding rock. This activates a convective heat transport around the well.

The combination of conduction plus convection increases the energy density at the system - without the use of chemicals or pressure into the ground.

Advantage: As the earth’s crust is similar wherever you are, our OGP can be installed almost anywhere on the planet at any depths.


Heating & Cooling
Heating grids & networks, Residential heating & cooling, Office buildings, Industrial heating
Power production
Decentral electricity, H2 production on site

Proof of concept

Since 1994, our Open Geothermal Probe has been installed over 400 times in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, delivering heat to various applications. These wells are still in operation and deliver reliable data for continuous monitoring.

Our services


Geothermal resource assessment
Feasibility studies
Regulatory consulting
Site selection
Technology assessment


Project planning
Budgeting and financing
Environmental impact assessment
Schedules and milestones

Project management

Monitoring of resources
Performance tracking
Environmental monitoring
Predictive maintenance


Drilling and well construction
Power plant construction
Distribution systems
Infrastructure development
Quality control


Testing and validation
Safety checks
Optimization of performance
Compliance with legal regulations


Routine maintenance
Repairs and upgrades
Technical support
Energy efficiency improvements

Who we are

Jens Bernecker

The capital market expert took over the management of Hi Energy AG in 2020. As a graduate economist and entrepreneur in the fields of banking, IT, asset management and publishing, he recognized the possibilities of geothermal energy and the opportunities in the current economic and geopolitical environment at an early stage.

Dirk Ueberfeld

COO, Board of Directors, Geschäftsführer HI ENERGY Deutschland GmbH
The expert for heat generation and cooling in trade and industry has more than 30 years of experience in TGA, and specializes in heat pumps and chiller / ORC systems for the production of green electricity and hydrogen.

Marcus Heider

CTO, Board of Directors
The architect and former mechanical engineer has been a member of the Board of Directors of HI ENERGY AG since 2022. His work focuses on the interdisciplinary combination of technologies, design and research in plant construction.

Kai Sachsenberg

CLO, President of the Board of Directors
A graduate in communications, economics and political science with a post-graduate detour into mechanical engineering, he worked independently in patent processing for ten years after his time as technology marketing manager at a B2B company. He later spent several years as authorized signatory at the B2B fund depository subsidiary of a banking group.